9 Steps for Mixing and Filling Vape Cartridge Without Mess

Mixing and filling a dab cartridge is the messy part for first-timers. They need to be careful about not spilling and wasting as well as not overfilling the cartridge. It is worse to see the product waste when you do a filling job. In this tutorial, let’s learn how to mix and fill a dab pen at home.

Supplies needed

  • Cartridges
  • THC/CBD concentrate or oil
  • Viscosity Liquefier or booster
  • Pure terpenes plant or cannabis-derived
  • 10 ml syringe equipped with 14 gauge blunted tip
  • Hot water bath [pot or bowl]
  • Metal mixing
  • Alcohol wipes to clean
  • Gloves
  • Digital scale

These instructions are for 5 ml [approximately 5 grams] of oil. For accuracy use milliliters but as the digital scale is used grams are okay.

  1. Warm the CBD concentrate or oil to around 85° C to 90° C.
  2. Check if the warm oil is fully liquefied. There must be no chunks of concentrates floating around or settled at the bottom. If concentrates like shatter are used instead of oil then mix a viscosity booster with a 2:1 ratio. More concentrate can be added to increase viscosity and potency. Or to lower the viscosity and potency add more viscosity booster. It is up to your preference!
  3. Now add terpenes and viscosity booster, if you are using CBD oil but if you are using liquefied concentrate just as terpenes as you already added the viscosity booster. The terpene and oil ration are subjective. 

[The recommendation for terpenes and viscosity booster is 5% to 10% for a total of 10% to 20%. For 5 grams of full-spectrum CBD oil around 0.5grams of terpenes and viscosity boosters total to 6 grams of the finished product, which is ready to fill in the vape pen.]

  1. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. The color of the entire mixture must not reveal any difference. It has to be emulsified. 
  2. Use a marked syringe and suck the oil mixture inside it.
  3. If the empty cartridge is 1ml then pour 1 ml mixture from the syringe. 
  4. After filling the cartridge, cap them tightly and allow them to rest for one hour in a flipped position. The air that got trapped, while filling the cartridge and in the capping, process get a chance to escape from the intake holes. Cartridge flipping during the rest period allows air to discharge without any leakage issue. This is an important step!
  5. Use the alcohol swab to clean the excess oil spilled outside from an overfilled cartridge or a drippy syringe.
  6. It is time to test your final product. Start with small puffs to ensure that the heating element or coil is primed. Priming cartridge ensures maximum flavor without any burnt taste right from the start to the end. 

How much can you save from filling your cartridge at home?

You can save significantly filling your CBD cartridge plus customizing your dosage as per your needs. However, if you find mixing and filling a challenge visit a reputable online store like justcbdstore.com to purchase signature cartridges in a wide range of strengths and flavors.